Carton Sealing Tape

Carton Sealing Tape
*Large number of purchases can be separately linked to the quotation.
*Large-scale purchase, please contact us after placing the order.
*Quality:Excellent quality, no reason to return or exchange goods.
*The side is flat and the appearance is beautiful.
*High quality film material, strong tensile strength.
*Environmentally friendly and non-toxic.
*Strong viscosity.
*No bubbles.
As Low As
Per Case
  1. Our best selling tape. Strong solvent acrylic adhesive sticks to virtually any surface.
  2. DURABLE: Industrial Tape stands up to heat, humidity and cold. Application range 0°F to 140°F.
  3. APPEARANCE: Crystal clear - Won't yellow. Makes packages look their best.

At Facsco, we want to be more focused on the details and focus on all aspects of packaging. We know that your customers have more important things to consider than whether the product is safe. But we not only sell the carton sealing tape to you, we hope you can rest assured that you know that your products will not roll on the bottom of the delivery truck because the sub par carton sealing tape does not do its job. When it comes to carton sealing tape, you can rely on Facsco carton sealing tape to deliver high quality, value.

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Set Descending Direction
CT-20-2110-C Clear 2 2''X110yds 36
CT-20-2110-T Tan 2 2''X110yds 36
CT-20-255-C Clear 2 2''X55yds 36
CT-20-255-T Tan 2 2''X55yds 36
CT-20-290-T Tan 2 2''X90 yds 36
CT-20-290-C Clear 2 2''X90 yds 36
CT-20-3110-C Clear 2 3''X110yds 24
CT-20-3110-T Tan 2 3''X110yds 24
CT-30-290-C Clear 2 3''X90yds 24
CT-20-390-T Tan 2 3''X90yds 24

Items 1-10 of 27

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Set Descending Direction

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